Supreme Lobster Retail – Villa Park, IL

Project Description

To provide all design, engineering and construction required for a 3,500SF addition and remodel of the Supreme lobster retail store attached to their current distribution center and office headquarters.

With an existing aging retail store, (that looked more like a fishing hut), built over 20 years ago, our design team’s challenge was to provide the customer with a new shopping experience that emphasized the freshness of products our client exemplifies here in the Midwest. Our talented design team attained this through architectural narration, and an acute attention to material selection. The main theme was to provide a customer experience of walking into, and then back out of, the sea to get their fresh seafood. The customer walks through the entrance with aqua-colored waving ceiling panels floating above, and a sand stained concrete floor below that has been grinded down to expose the extra pea gravel specified in the mix. Deeper into the store, the floor transitions to blue stained concrete flooring with the structure exposed and painted dark blue above a floating ceiling grid that represents fish netting. Lights represent buoys floating above. Materials such as stainless steel, exposed concrete, white tile and wavy MDF boards curving around the store’s soffit, combined with 5,000k LED lighting, highlights a sterile environment which comforts the consumer in this market. This project was entered into the Chicago chapter of AIA’s small projects awards.

The second challenge was for the construction team to meet a tight schedule and get the retail store up and running before Sweetest Day, which sets off the energetic holiday season ­for our client. This was achieved through fast track design + build that is the anchor of our business and expertise.

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