Regal Cinemas

Project Description

After the first successful collaboration with Regal Cinemas for a Theater in Round Lake Beach, Illinois, UISC was commissioned to build a second in St. Charles, Illinois. The design of this Theater was slightly modified to be able to attach to the existing mall with access from the interior.

Total Project, including design, permit process and construction was completed within nine months after contract was awarded.

Scope of work

  • Location: St. Charles, IL
  • Industry: Commercial/Multi-Family
  • Services: Construction
  • Eighteen auditoriums with stadium seating for over 3,000 moviegoers
  • A box office accessible from the interior of the mall
  • An elaborate, two-story lobby with stepped and curved neon soffits and illuminated columns
  • A full service concessions counter with separate arcade area
  • A café separate from the main concessions with specialty foods that includes its own eating area in the lobby
  • State of the art sound and projection systems

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