Fair Oaks Farm

Project Description

Fair Oaks Farms L.L.C. produces the pork sausage patties served in McDonald’s restaurants throughout the Midwest, and an additional 1,000 McDonald’s in Japan, Hong Kong, and Singapore. Production requirements had exceeded the capacity of their outdated plant in Chicago, Illinois. UISC was awarded the contract to develop their new “USDA Approved” Facility.

Building design incorporates a mechanical interstitial space above all production areas consisting of a suspended structural insulated panel ceiling system. This interstitial design allows the plant engineers to service mechanical systems without interrupting the production process.

Plant design also includes a 3,000 S.F. basement which houses a grease accumulator system that collects all the fats generated by the production process.

A central ammonia refrigeration system provides controlled temperatures throughout a +35°F Raw Product Cooler, +50°F Space Room, a -10°F Freezer, a +35°F Production Area and a +40°F Packing Mezzanine.

The entire Project including design phase, permits and construction was completed within nine months. At peak production, this new Facility produces one million sausage patties daily.