Country Corners

Project Description

The Crown Group and Schultz Sav-O Stores contracted UISC for their third joint venture in the development of a Retail Shopping Center. The two previous projects, similar in size and design, were completed ahead of schedule and within budget. Based on the record of success, The Crown Group selected UISC for this fast-track construction project in South Elgin.

In order to fast-track construction and reduce cost, UISC completed all mechanical, plumbing and electrical work on a Design/Build basis. The development of the site and construction was completed in six months after contract award. This completion was done one month ahead of schedule with total extra costs (due to design changes) held to 1/2 of 1% of the contract amount.

Scope of work

  • Owner: The Crown Group
  • Location: South Elgin, IL
  • Industry: Commercial/Multi-Family
  • Services: Construction
  • 37,228 sq. foot Piggly Wiggly grocery store
  • 7,800 sq. foot Retail Shopping Center consisting of six tenant spaces
  • 4" thick reinforced concrete slab
  • An E.P.D.M. roofing system
  • All Parking and Site Development

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