Project Description

Frank J. Catanzaro Sons & Daughters, Inc. (Catanzaro) is a food distributor to restaurants, hotels, and other institutions within the Tri-State Area. Due to the fact that Catanzaro distributes a full line of products, they required various temperature-controlled rooms to accommodate the different storage needs. When Catanzaro needed to relocate outside Cincinnati to expand their facility, they called upon the engineering capabilities of UISC.

Despite the vigorous construction schedule spanning the winter months, UISC was able to complete the Warehouse on time and within budget.  Total Project, including design/engineering phase, permit process and construction, was completed within eight months after the contract was awarded.

Scope of work

  • Owner: Frank J. Catanzaro Sons & Daughters, Inc.
  • Location: Lockland, OH
  • Industry: Cold Storage & Food Distribution
  • Services: Construction
  • A 13,971 S.F., +55°F and above Dry Storage Area with a 28’ clear height
  • A 14,212 S.F., +40°F Refrigerated Dock with a 22’ clear height and nineteen dock positions equipped with automatic, Kelly Dock Levelers
  • A 13,362 S.F., -10°F Freezer with a 28’ clear height
  • A  4,126 S.F., +55°F Warm Chill Room with a 28’ clear height
  • Two 2,615 S.F., +36°F Dry Coolers with a 28’clear height
  • A 2,072 S.F., +34°F Wet Cooler with a 28’  clear height
  • A 2,072 S.F., +28°F Meat Cooler with a 28’ clear height
  • A 561 S.F., +55°F RePack Room with 28’ clear height
  • All Welfare and Support Areas totaling 4,200 S.F.

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